Roadway, Industrial & Commercial 


We understand the need for safe, efficient traffic control systems. Over the past 56 years we have been involved with hundreds of millions of dollars of major highway, arterial and intersection projects. To better understand the extent of the scope of work performed by Totem, you just have to drive down Interstate 5 to see many examples.Click here for more Roadway projects.

Totem has a dedication to our clients and community. With decades of experience, this dedication to detail is found in each our commercial projects throughout the region. We have been involved in some of the largest commercial projects in Western Washington, from high rise buildings to large shopping malls. Totem also maintains a service department ready to assist with smaller projects, troubleshooting and maintenance work. We are the one to call for any commercial electrical project.  Please click here for more Commercial projects.

We have done electrical work in factories, warehouses, grain terminals, paper mills, and a host of other large industrial construction Today’s industrial facilities require more than just power. With OSHA regulations and rising energy costs, these facilities demand state-of-the-art computer control and automation for multiple system integration. That’s where Totem’s design capabilities and 56 years of experience pay off.  Please click here for more Industrial projects.